Scientific Services

LAB 279

Advanced Optical Characterization Lab (LabCOA)

The Advanced Optical Characterization Lab is specialized in high-resolution low-temperature time-resolved optical spectroscopy. Some of our methodologies include stationary and time-resolved photoluminescence, hole-burning spectroscopy, photo-induced and stationary absorption, electro-absorption spectroscopy and acoustic properties measures. Samples may be characterized in solution, thin film, multi-layer or processed into micro-nanometric objects. The lab is well equipped for the execution of this experiments in a wide range of temperatures (1.5-500 K).

Director: Juan Cabanillas

LAB 285

Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology Institute (ISOM)

ISOM is an university institute belonging to UPM, headquartered in the basement of López-Araujo building of the Telecommunication School. The laboratory is well equipped with clean rooms and characterization, instrumentation and electronics labs. 

Director: José Luis Prieto